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*Phoebe Halliwell*

Broj poruka : 38
Datum upisa : 18.06.2013
Godina : 16
Lokacija : Cacak

PočaljiNaslov: **Spells**   Pon Jan 06, 2014 8:45 am

Ovde će stajati čini. Ako znate još neku, slobodno je napišite.

Love Spell

I conjure thee, I conjure thee.
I'm the queen, You're the bee.
As I desire so shall it be.

Power of Three

The Power of Three Will Set You Free

Javna Vanquishing Spell

Evil eyes look unto thee,
May they soon extinguished be.
Bend my will to the power of three,
Eye of Earth, evil and accursed.

Truth Spell

For those who want the truth revealed
Open their hearts and secrets unseal
From now until its now again
From now which the memories end
For those who are now in this house
Only truth will be heard from their mouths

Get Rid of The Powers Spell

From whence they came,
Return them now.
Vanish the words,
Vanish our powers.

Time Accelerating Spell

Winds of time gather around
Give me wings To speed my way.
Rush me on my journey forward
Let tomorrow be today.

Power Switching Spell

What's Mine is Yours,
What's Yours is Mine
Let our powers cross the line
I offer up this gift to share
Switch our powers through the air

Evil Spirit Vanquishing Spell

Ashes to ashes,
Spirit to spirit.
Take this soul
Banish this evil.

Return Back Home Spell

A Time for Everything and
to everything it's place
Return what has been moved
Through Time and Space

Spell to Go Back in Time

The Bond which was not to be done
Give us the power to see it undone
And turn back time to whence it was begun

Multiply Your Power Spell

Take my power, Blessed be.
Multiply it's strength by three.

Shape Shifters Killing Spell

When in the circle that is home,
Safety’s gone and evils roam.
Rid all beings from these walls,
Save sisters three, now hear our call.

Spell To Invoke The Charmed Ones Powers

Hear now the words of the witches
The secrets we hid in the night
The oldest of gods are invoked here
The great work of magic is sought
In this night and in this hour
I call upon the ancient power
Bring your powers to we sisters three
We want the power
Give us the power.

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Phoebe Halliwell
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